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NSF Certified Sneeze Guard

Glass Divider is a NSF certified Sneeze Guard manufacture.    To become NSF certified, we had to send each of our sneeze guard models to the NSF testing facility for evaluation.    They go through an exhaustive review of the structure, spacings, and the materials used to build the sneeze guard.    They want to make sure that sneeze guard will adequately shield the food from the customers and will not contaminate the food it is protecting. After the initial certification our manufacturing facility and documentation goes through an annual on site inspection. Using NSF certified sneeze guards does not mean you have passed the health department inspection. Every health department has their own sneeze guard requirements.    They usually follow the NSF guidelines.    The last thing you want to happen is to fail your inspection. Always review your plans with the inspector to make sure what you are planning to do will pass the inspection.    Our sales people are very knowledgeable of the NSF guidelines and are glade to offer advice, but they don't know your specific health department's requirements.

C140 Sneeze Guard

C140 Sneeze Guard with Shelf