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What is a Sneeze Guard

In the hospitality world there are numerous names for a Sneeze Guard.    Food Guard, Food Shield, Breath Guard, Protective Shield, Restaurant Guard, etc. are all names for the basic Sneeze Guard.    Commonly found in salad bars and restaurants around food preparation. areas, the origin of these barriers traces back to restaurateur and inventor Johnny Garneau who patented the “Food Service Table” in 1959 that incorporated shielding in the design for just that purpose.   At the time, he was operating a chain of American Style Smörgåsbord restaurants and saw a need to prevent the spread of airborne contaminants getting to his buffet tables.   The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) later made the use of food guards mandatory and it is part of the FDA Food Code designed to safeguard public health.    There are several organizations which set guidelines for how a sneeze guard may be designed to meet the FDA requirements.   The National Science Foundation (NSF) is the primary organization which maintains these guidelines.   Glass Divider ia NSF certified sneeze guards manufacturer. We are inspected anually and all of our models are certified.