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Etched Glass:

We use a sand-blasting process to put designs on glass. This is a permanent process that makes the design part of the glass. It will not peel or chip. We can reproduce your logo, or merge your logo with a standard design.  We put a resists material on the glass to protect the glass. The resist material is cut away in the areas to be frosted. The glass is then sandblasted. Only the exposed areas end up frosted. Partitions are used in many ways.

When used as a sneeze guard they are typically left clear to allow the customer to view food choices, or the food prep. area.   Partitions are used to define areas in the restaurant or as booth partitions are used to provide a degree of privacy for dinning customers.
Additional effects can be achieved by carving the design into the glass so that the design edges capture the light and glow. Go to the Carved Logo page for more information.
C110 Partition w/ 1024FC Dgn
(42 in. max support to support)
Design Groups:

We have a family of standard designs.  These design can all be placed on the glass as a frosted design on clear glass, or as a clear design on frosted glass.  It depends on the design, but typically the frosted design on clear glass tends to be more see through than the clear design on frosted glass.




Standard Design Library:
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