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We believe the LED lighting should provide light to display and be inconspicuous as possible. We avoid large frames by attaching the light arrays directly to the top shelf or front shield glass.  A 36 inch light array is equivalent to a 75 watt inconsistent bulb. One difference between a conventional light and the LED is that the conventional light radiates light in all directions (360 degrees), so much of the light doesn't shine where you need it.  A LED shines all of its light in a one direction or over 120 degrees. Our LED arrays are available in two colors of white," "Daylight White" or "Warm White". Daylight white works great for displaying vegetables and salads. The Warm white is best for baked goods." " Both super bright colors can be dimmed.

The primary application of the LED array is to provide overhead light illuminating the products on display in full service and self service food shields. These light arrays are located on the bottom of the top shelf or on the bottom side of a mid-shelf.   Our Low profile LED gives a wide area of illumination. We find that a single array provides ample light in the typical sneeze guard.  On deep sneeze guards a second LED can be added to give even front-to-back illumination.  We build the LEDs to fit the bay size.  The array length is the bay size less 5 inches.

  LED Array location
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C140 Single Bay w/ LED lights
(Button & Clip mount - 84 in. max bay size)
Light Dispersions:
  Low Profile @  6"  -  21" wide
    @  8"  -  28" wide
    @ 10" -  38" wide

The Low Profile super bright LED strips are the preferred LED configuration. In general the LED are mounted 10 to 22 inches above the displayed items. A dimmer and power supply are standard. Typically the LED power wire is run down the front edge of an end support in a plastic sleeve. This keeps the wire inconspicuous and inaccessible.


Mounting Styles:
Standard Attachment ( max length 78")
  Double Strip ( max length 78")
Button & Clips  
LED array in Sneze guard Logo with LED edge lights Standard LED array Satandard LED mount & Power Feed Single Array LED
LED array Profiles        
Power Sources:
  LED lights draw a minimal amount of power. The power supply needs to be matched to the total load from the light bars.  The general guideline is the total load should be 85% or less of the power supply output.  We provide the power supply and a dimmer with the LED.
Category   Value
Light Color   Daylight White (6500° K)  
Warm White  (3000° K)
Brightness   366 Lumens/ft.  
Efficacy   106.2 Lumens/ft  
Ave. Lifetime   50,000 hours  
warranty   3 years limited  
Max Length   78 inches  
Dimmable   Yes  
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