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C140 - Full-Service
The Glass Divider's all glass sneeze guards are designed in such a way that the end supports can be attached to most any prep. table.  We have several different ways to attach our end supports to the tables. Our sneeze guards guards are engineered allows a single bay to span up to 84 inches.  The long bay size means no center supports are needed.  Let us know which prep table model you have, and we will build a sneeze guard to to fit the table.  We have focused on the C140 and C128 as the primary Full-Service and Self-Service sneeze guards for these applications.  Contact the factory for additional information.
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C128 - Self-Service
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C140 - Full-Service Sneeze Guard
Mounted on a Prep Table
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C128 - Self-Service Sneeze Guard
on a Prep. Table
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