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Full Service Guards

The full-service or pass-over sneeze guard allows the customer to visually inspect the food without providing physical access to the food. Typically a server will plate the customer's selections and pass it over to the customer. On a service line these units are typically low enough to provide customer to server eye contact, and will have a top self to allow easy plate exchange. There are four styles of Full Service sneeze guards in the Crystalline series. Each product-line has its own individual attributes, but common to all is that the customer does not have direct access to the food. There are links to the detailed specification for each model below.

C140 Sneeze Guard
Click image C140 Cut Sheet

C140-Sneeze Guard

This is the most popular Full Service sneeze guard style. It has a vertical front shield and a flat top self. This style permits extra deep top and mid-selves. NSF certified when the correct end supports are used.

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C152 Sneeze Guard
Click image C152 Cut Sheet

C152-Sneeze Guard

The C152 has a 10° slanted front shield. This sneeze guard can support a deep top shelf and mid shelf. This is a NSF certified sneeze guard with the correct end supports.

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C144 Sneeze Guard
Click image C144 Cut Sheet

C144-Sneeze Guard

The C144 Full Service sneeze guard has a vertical front shield and a 45° slanted top shield. There is no top shelf on the model. It is possible to have a mid shelf. A NSF approved model with the proper end supports

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C148-Sneeze Guard
Click image C148 Cut Sheet

C148-Sneeze Guard

The C148 is similar to the 144 except the C148 has a top shelf. This sneeze guard can support a deep mid shelf. This is a NSF approved model with the correct end supports

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