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Partitions and Dividers (CRY Construction)

Partitions (CRY Const.)

Partitions systems are used for pass-over sneeze guards and as area dividers. They allow the customer to visually inspect the food without providing physical access to the food.  Typically a partition separates the food prep area from the customers. Most health dept. want the partition to provide protection from the customers breath area (NSF has the breath area at 54-60" off the floor). We have two different manufacturing styles. The CRY series uses our standard button & strap assembly. This allows us to manufacture significant structures which all interconnect. They can be knocked down, shipped, and reassembled on site. The second method is the CRG assembly. These units are glued together at the factory and are shipped as an assembled unit. This constrains the size of each unit. There are four CRY styles, and four CRG styles. Each product-line has its own individual attributes, but common to all is that the customer does not have direct access to the food. This page shows the CRY series. There are links to the detailed specification for each model below.

C100 Partition System

C100-Partition System

This partition system has a vertical front shield. The support post are behind the shield glass, so you have a continuous smooth shield. NSF certified when the correct height and end supports are used.

C102 Partition Sneeze Guard

C102-Partition System

The C102 partitions is similar to the C100 exempt the the front shield is slanted back by 10°. A NSF approved model with the proper height & end supports.

C107 Sneeze Guard Partition

C107-Partition System

The C107 is simple and clean. There are several heights and widths. When installed correctly the C107 meet NSF requirements.

C110 Partition Sneeze Guard

C110-Partition System

The C110, Inline Post System has a vertical front shield. This system has the posts turned so that they are inline with the shield. The post surface matches the shield face. This gives a flat partition surface