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Teller / Service Window Shield

We have received numerious requst to build a sneeze guard which will protect the bank teller. We have developed several system which provide protection for the teller as well as the customer. Several solution are designed as an ennhancement to the existing bank teller service window. Typically this free standing unit just slides into the teller window space. These units are designed for easy instalation, and don't require any holes to be drilled or modification to the existing structure. Sometimes wall seperating the tellers are not tall enough to provide addiquit protection for a sneeze or cough.


SW-101 Service Window Shield

This is the most popular Service Window Shield style. It has a vertical front shield with full width air gap for transactions. There can be a speak thru for easy comunication. The unit has a base which designed to slide into the existing transaction window. All glass CRG construction.

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SW-500 Wendow Top Screen

The SW-500 is a quick way to increase protection of the service agent. It is designed to be a drop-in unit for low counters. No screws or drilling, so it is easly removed at a later date if desired. The unit is all glass with CRG construction. It is sized to fit on top of your existing transaction window.

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C107 Sneeze Guard Partition

C107 Basic Partition Screen

The C107 partition is a free standing partition glass. The system has a very clean look because the glass is held by saddle boots on the bottom edge. There are no vertical post to break up the space.

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SW-900 Partition System

The SW-900 System is an easy to install counter top partition system. It makes it possible to put a barrier between the customer and your service agents. This system can isolate the customer areas from your service agents

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