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We can accommodate most types of food warmers in our sneeze guards.  We have several methods of supporting a warmer in our sneeze guards. The preferred method is the use of through-the-glass standoffs attached to the top self to support the warmers at the correct height above the food.   The solid construction of Glass Divider sneeze guards and the rigid through the glass mounting holds the food warmer securely in place.  Close attention to the heat factor is a must.  The warmers must be mounted according to the manufactures specifications to achieve optimal performance.  The warmer needs to be the recommended distance above the food, and other hardware.   The sneeze guard glass and hardware should not be exposed to excessive heat.  The type and model of the warmer need to be supplied when specifying the sneeze guard.

The second issue with installing a warmer in the sneeze guard is how it is supplied power.  Some manufactures supply a shield supply cable.  Unfortunately it is usually an ugly zinc plated flex cable, which just does not make a clean attractive installation. Our power drop is attractive and gets the power to the warmer. 

Hatco Warmer Instalation How-To
C140 Sneeze Guard
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Warmer Stand-Off Mount
(Power Drop - Chrome)
LED lights with Warmers:
  There are warmers which include lights.  If lights are required, using a warmer which include lights is suggested.  The LED strips are typically mounted just below the top shelf where the warmer needs to be dropped down to meet the manufacture's specifications.  This means the warmer will cast a shadow over the food.  It is possible to attach a LED strip to the front shield facing away from the customer, but this needs to be evaluated case by case.
Mounting Style:
Top Shelf Stand-off Mount < Standard >
The standard mounting for a warmer
Power Drops:
  Our power drop is designed to match the standoff used to support the warmer. We can manufacture the decorative power drops to fit warmer in the sneeze guard and drop the power to match the counter layout.  Field modifications are possible. In cases where the layout is not finalized we can provide a general power drop kit which can be modified in the field.
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