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Carved Glass:

The key in making a logo design glow is to be able to get the light to the design.  The supports on Glass Divider sneeze guards can be made from 1/2 inch crystal clear (low iron) glass.  This glass is sometimes called "White Glass" because it extremely clear and is a excellent transmitter of light.  We use a process of masking and sand-blasting to carve designs on glass.  The light that enters the edges of the glass is captured by the carved glass design and makes the design glow.  The effect changes as the ambient lighting changes.   We can use LEDs to inject light into the edge of the glass.  This process is a very effective way to set the mood in the restaurant, or accent a logo design.  

We have dimmers with RF remote controls which can turn your sneeze guard, or signs into a real eye catcher.  If you write on the glass using a wax pencil it will really standout.  It glows from the LED lite source.  You can combine a logo border design into sign for the special of the day. Watch the video to appreciate the possibilities.

C152 Support w/ Carved Logo
(Frosted dgn on Clear glass)
Design Groups:

Our standard designs can be carved for LED lights. The frosted designs on clear glass works best when the glass has some thickness. Our supports can be made from 1/2" crystal clear glass, and they work great.  The 3/8" crystal glass works well, but 1/4" is marginal with the edge lighting.  The Designs in our design library work well with LEDs when they are carved on the thicker glass. See "Etched Designs" page for more information. On the right are a couple of custom shapes with carved designs mounted in a flanged boot with LEDs mounted under the boot.  Click the image to view.

Creative Designs:

There are many things which can be done with Carved glass and LED edge lighting. The light intensity and color can be adjusted dynamically which make the possibilities endless.  We want to work with architects and designers to create the unique evironment effects.

Carved Glass with Colored LEDs:

Carved glass process is similar to that of etched glass. On etched glass the design is a surface process.  For carved glass we use a heavy resist material to protect the clear areas. Then a sand-blasting process is used to carve the glass.  Just enough material is removed so there is a little step at the edges. This process is a very effective way to add accent to the logo design.  With LED lighting the design glows. The LED light source can be any color. 

  Carved Logo w/ white LEDs Video
  Carved Logo w/ Colored LEDs Video
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