C230 Island Self Service Sneeze Guards
  The C230 self-serve sneeze guards are stylish and practical. This style has flat shield supported with Clear or Crystal Clear glass supports so that there is 13" between the shield and the counter. It is possible to follow complex counter shapes using a combination .
  C230-360 Single Bay Sculptured Supports  
  C230 Single Bay w/ Closed ends
  C230 Double Bay w/ Closed ends  
  C230 Double Bay Sculptured Center
C230-360 Single Bay (Sculptured Supports)
(60 in. max bay size)
Support Styles:
  The C230 sneeze guards have six standard supports styles made from 1/2" Clear or Crystal Clear safety glass. The "Open", "Edge", "Center", and "Sculptured" supports are generally used as interior support.. The "Closed" and "Adj-Closed" support are used as end supports.
Open Edge Sculpture
Open Edge Sculpture
Closed Deep Extended
Center Closed Adj-Closed
Radius Corners
  3/8" Crystal Clear Shields & Shelf
  Powder-coat colors
Specialty Units:
  Model C124A is used for curved sneeze guards. Sharp corners are possible with our specialty corner units which can be joined to C124 or C124A bays.
90° outside Corner
90° inside corner
360° end
45° inside corner
Design Center
  C230-Single Bay (Not Available)  
  C230-Double Bay (Not Available)  
  Consult customer service for custom sizes or larger configurations.
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