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C408 Partition / Sneeze Guard
  The C408 is built with CRG construction.  The glass is bonded together with special crystal clear glue.  The only hardware is the 2"x3" flanged boot used on the support posts. This system is available in twelve different glass types. The standard configuration has a 1/4" clear shield and top shelf. The partitions are available in four standard heights 18", 22", 24" and 26". There are seven standard widths with the largest panel being 60" wide, and decreasing in 6" steps down to 24".  We reccomend up grading to 3/8" Crystal Clear glass to get a stricking appearance.  Custom sizes are available as special order.
  C408 Corner Unit
  C408 3 Panel Partition
  C408 Carving Station
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C408 Partition
(60 in. max panel width)
Support Styles:
  The support post for the C408 is a "Square" made from Crystal Clear 1/2"  safety tempered glass.  The post has a flanged boot measuring 2" x 3" and had four #10 down screws to provide a secure mounting
NSF Meets NSF Certified requirements when installed correctly
Square corners Nipped Corners
  Scallop Corners Radius Corners
  1/4" Clear 3/8" Clear
  1/4" Frosted 3/8" Frosted
1/4" Bronze 3/8" Bronze
1/4" Gray 3/8" Gray
1/4" Crystal Clear 3/8" Crystal Clear
1/2" Clear  
1/2" Crystal Clear  
Specialty Units:
Design Center
  C408 Work Sheet  
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