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Petco Corporate
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Point Loma
Point Loma
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CRG152 Sneeze Guard
Model CRG (UV-bonded) C152 Sneeze Guard
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C408 Sneeze Guard
Model C408 (UV-bonded) Sneeze Guard
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C140 Sneeze Guard
Model C140 Sneeze Guard
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C152 Sneeze Guard
Model C152 Sneeze Guard
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C228 Sneeze Guard
Model C228 Sneeze Guard (UV-bonded)
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C128 Sneeze Guard
Model C128 Sneeze Guard (UV-bonded)

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A Better Food Shield: Our CRY line of sneeze guards gives the all-glass look with a minimal amount of hardware. Our CRG line (UV-bonded) is the all glass-look. The CRY line has been engineered to allow up to 84 inches between supports. This makes it possible to have a single bay sneeze guard instead of having to chop up the serving area into small segments. Both systems use clear tempered glass supports eliminating the visual barriers found in sneeze guards with metal posts. The CRY system can be knocked down for easy shipping where CRG sneeze guards are shipped assembled.

 built strong

Engineered Strong: Our food shields are engineered to be strong. We can go up to 84" between our supports. Click here to see the difference.


Cost Effective: Our food shields are designed to have half the normal number of supports which keeps the cost down. On larger multi-bay serving lines the savings can be significant. You can cover up to 84" with just the end supports which eliminates costly middle supports. It looks better and cost less.


Quick Turn: Sneeze guards are one of the last things installed before the grand opening. We stock the materials (24"-84" in 6" steps) required to build most our models. Models built from our stock materials typically ship within 48 hours. Custom sized units requiring custom tempered glass typically ship in 5 to 7 days.